Company History

United Medical Solutions was founded in 1996 by Renae C. Cardinal, RCC, and Karen L. Clark, CPC, with the goal of providing outstanding client service and patient support while offering competitive rates. Delivering that quality of service now includes a staff of more than 30 highly trained staff, analysts, and certified coders.

In association since 1989, Renae and Karen have worked with a broad spectrum of providers, from those just starting a new practice with concerns about beginning cash flow, to large practices with established revenue cycles and annual expectations. Specialties include anesthesia, ambulatory surgical centers, interventional and diagnostic radiology, orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, and ambulance, among others.

United Medical Solutions is a unique full service partner with medical providers. They have been successful because they have elevated the billing function to encompass the whole practice, providing cost effective and quality service. Their purpose is to help clients grow by removing the complexities of the medical billing function so medical providers can focus on the practice of medicine.

They have developed a well-trained, dedicated, dependable staff with knowledge of coding intricacies and industry regulations. United Medical Solutions, LLC, has firsthand practice management experience and possesses the knowledge, experience, resources, and tenacity to get the job done. UMS is dedicated to providing services which are second to none for individual physicians and group practices.