Dr. John Luthy

Working with so many companies on organization issues, I rarely find one that has such a commitment to client relationships, service quality, and continuing professional development. United Medical Solutions is one of the most efficient and thoughtful organizations I have encountered and view the UMS team as one of the leading medical billing groups in the Western U.S. Regarding accessibility, responsiveness, and dedication there are none better.

Dr. John Luthy, President
The Futures Corporation

I am happy to say that United Medical Solutions has met every one of our expectations and has been able to lower our overall billing costs. They have been a major partner in helping us implement payment procedures for new exams and procedures that we have developed in order to insure that we are receiving what was due. Their advice and assistance has made a major contribution to this organization.

I know that you will find the owners of United Medical Solutions and the operations staff to be very efficient, courteous and helpful to you and your customers.


Dennis T. Earl
Business Manager

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for United Medical Solutions. They are quality people doing quality work. Renae Young (Business Manager), and Karen Clark, (Operations Manager), have been helping with my office needs for over a decade. Like most physicians beginning a practice, it was a mystery to me how my hard work would be converted into a stable income.

As accusations of fraud and abuse upon physicians become a common event, I have been confident that United Medical Solutions has kept abreast with the regulations and requirements for ethical billing. When we developed a Corporate Compliance Program for our group, and researched the billing process to avoid falling out of favor with the regulatory agencies, we did not have to make any alterations in the work Renae and Karen were doing for us.

Four years ago we asked Renae to help us set up a new division within our practice, as we undertook an expansion of services. This type of medical service was new to all of us, and there were many glitches that needed to be worked out before it could run smoothly and become profitable. She was able to research the problems, address them properly, and help us collect fairly for our services.

It is a rare event when a patient contacts me with a complaint about their bill. Karen is apparently adept at discussing the concerns patients have about our fee. When I query friends and patients about the service United Medical Solutions performs for us, they always reply with the highest praise.

United Medical Solutions has been essential in the success of our practice. I recommend them without qualification.


Gary D. Call, DO
Snake River Anesthesia and Pain Clinic, PA

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